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The Secret Library: Episode 33

“Kate Newburg is hilarious. She's got a wicked sense of humor (not in the Boston sense - she's from Atlanta) and knows the ins and outs of the deeper reaches of Amazon eBooks. She uses this power for good working on cover design primarily for romance novels, and she knows how to make a reader feel seduced. We talk about matching your cover design with your reader's expectations and how that impacts your reviews.”

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The Secret Library: Episode 74

“I was in New Orleans with a bunch of amazing people, including Kate Newburg and Tasha Harrison, and it was too exciting not to record an episode together right there in our AirBnb. We have all done NaNoWriMo numerous times and have worked out what made it successful for each of us (and in some cases, not so successful). If you have been curious about this crazy method of getting a draft done, this episode will take you through all the details, tips, tricks and tools we could think of to help you slam dunk your NaNoWriMo experience.”

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